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I've Got News!

Do you know what? In all the excitement I never posted my story over here.

Did I tell you I'm getting my book published? Yes, The Wedding Favour... but it's not called that anymore. But I wasn't going to argue with the girls at Harper Collins! Yes, that's what I said... okay, okay, my book is being published by Harper Impulse, a Harper Collins Imprint. But even so... this is still (as becky_black would say) EPIC!

Plus on is a lucky number
My book is called Plus One is a Lucky Number and will be published on Thursday 29th August. It's been available on Amazon since the 5th August for pre-order. I'm having a virtual party over on Facebook... (Like my page if you like). Here's the details on my blog... Like Sophie, you have a week to find a Plus One...

Here's more links if you need them:

Blog / Website / Twitter / Facebook

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Harper Impulse

My author name is Teresa F, Morgan due to another Teresa Morgan self-publishing on Amazon. 
Amy Allen

I haven't been hit by a bus...

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and even my blog... you'll know that. Just updating here too, gets tricky.

I'm busy with my new house, which is coming along marvellous thanks to my most wonderful dad.

So here's my garden - in the summer with flowers, I'll post another picture. Dad's neighbour has chucked out a lot of bulbs. So those will show next Spring. :D


Hoping to get my one page synopsis done today, so that I can send The Wedding Favour to the RNA NWS. Only trouble is the sun is out and I want to be in my new garden. 
Amy Allen

Opps Sorry

I moved! And I've had my laptop packed away in a box for two months! And I totally forgot about my 'billy' email account, and therefore anything going on in LJ I missed!

So sorry... but PC is out of its box now, as I'm here typing away :D

Now need to get back into the habit of making time for writing. I'm not completely surrounded by boxes, but still have a lot to do to my cosy house. Will keep you posted. I have been blogging... so visit me here... The Wittering Woman.
Amy Allen

Running Stats

So, last year I ran roughly 380 miles. I have to say roughly because the last part of the year I didn't have the running watch. But I knew the route and it was four miles, so we can safely say I ran around 380 miles. 

This year, I was actually out earlier, on the 2nd of January (last year was the 4th) but I actually kept it short (3.1miles/5kms) as I was suffering from a serious cold (I don't think it was quite flu). 

I ran today for the second time, but the first time in my new trainers! (They're a bit pink). I did do the four miles, but coughed the majority of the way. Again, I can't be certain if it's exactly four miles, but it's pretty much. I'm out for 40 minutes (if not a bit longer at the moment while fitness is not at its peak). 

So, I need to buy a running watch... and I need to beat 380 miles. Which is going to be tough actually. lol! 

I will say I'm pretty fed up with this cold although I do feel better I still have a horrid cough that catches me out. Running has kept the illnesses away. If I get a bit of a cold it lasts 24 hours. This has gone on over a week and I'll be glad to see the back of it. 
A-Team Movie!Face - Plan B

Another Update...

I really am failing at posting to this journal, so much so, I might go back to not being a paid account. I've got another year, because they took the payment in September. But I just don't use this place like I used to.

I think, because I need to make sure I'm not wasting time, I tend to blog over on my blog, and tweet and do the Facebook thing, and if I did this too, I'd never be writing.

Today, I'm just too zonked to do anything. Just did a four hour shift at work, and hauling the milk cages plus everything else, has shattered me.

I'm still trying to edit The Wedding Favour, but with doing all the bloody overtime at work, that seems to be failing me. I'm still not sure where to cut the plot, lol! I'm kinda keeping Simon in, because there needs to be a reason Sophie didn't want to return to Cornwall, but I'm trying to reduce down everything else. I'm actually thinking the wedding bit really does need to stay the main part, because of the title, and might try to trim the plot down after the wedding. This is where I am hoping to lose the words lol!

My latest blog post is of my RNA Chapter meeting, well field trip to Ashdown House.

Also, I have a spy on Twitter. Okay, I know maybe I shouldn't be so open, and occasionally, I feel the need to rant. (So should just come over here, shouldn't I? I forget about this place. It's where I come to rant!) Anyway, I have now set up a private Twitter account which is for friends only. I'm going to keep my following small, and followers have to apply to see my posts. It's working rather well.

A-Team Movie!Face - Plan B

I keep forgetting... tell you there is an update over on my blog! lol!

This is a bit of a joke... a bit of fun... My Perfect Date.

I put a disclaimer at the bottom, because I am finding that my husband's friends read my blog occasionally, then report back to him, and we argue about how out of order I've been. So for the record, I very much I will find this guy... only in a book ;-)

It's actually the reason I've restricted his friends from seeing my posts on FB. They see the public stuff but that's it. So at a glance, they won't get snitty that I've defriended them. I thought this was easier. Because I'm just finding occasional things being thrown back in my face. When I put posts up about my writing and interest from a publisher, not one of them tick the 'like' button. So I know they're not interested in me or my life. It's made me realise they really are my husband's friends, and not mine.

So they are restricted! Ha!
Amy Allen

Email Fail

I'm having problems getting emails linked to this account - my Billy one - so I apologise now if I've missed comments or something and haven't responded. Will try and sort it today.