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I keep forgetting... tell you there is an update over on my blog! lol!

This is a bit of a joke... a bit of fun... My Perfect Date.

I put a disclaimer at the bottom, because I am finding that my husband's friends read my blog occasionally, then report back to him, and we argue about how out of order I've been. So for the record, I very much I will find this guy... only in a book ;-)

It's actually the reason I've restricted his friends from seeing my posts on FB. They see the public stuff but that's it. So at a glance, they won't get snitty that I've defriended them. I thought this was easier. Because I'm just finding occasional things being thrown back in my face. When I put posts up about my writing and interest from a publisher, not one of them tick the 'like' button. So I know they're not interested in me or my life. It's made me realise they really are my husband's friends, and not mine.

So they are restricted! Ha!
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