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Another Update...

I really am failing at posting to this journal, so much so, I might go back to not being a paid account. I've got another year, because they took the payment in September. But I just don't use this place like I used to.

I think, because I need to make sure I'm not wasting time, I tend to blog over on my blog, and tweet and do the Facebook thing, and if I did this too, I'd never be writing.

Today, I'm just too zonked to do anything. Just did a four hour shift at work, and hauling the milk cages plus everything else, has shattered me.

I'm still trying to edit The Wedding Favour, but with doing all the bloody overtime at work, that seems to be failing me. I'm still not sure where to cut the plot, lol! I'm kinda keeping Simon in, because there needs to be a reason Sophie didn't want to return to Cornwall, but I'm trying to reduce down everything else. I'm actually thinking the wedding bit really does need to stay the main part, because of the title, and might try to trim the plot down after the wedding. This is where I am hoping to lose the words lol!

My latest blog post is of my RNA Chapter meeting, well field trip to Ashdown House.

Also, I have a spy on Twitter. Okay, I know maybe I shouldn't be so open, and occasionally, I feel the need to rant. (So should just come over here, shouldn't I? I forget about this place. It's where I come to rant!) Anyway, I have now set up a private Twitter account which is for friends only. I'm going to keep my following small, and followers have to apply to see my posts. It's working rather well.

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