Billy (billy_shriner) wrote,

Running Stats

So, last year I ran roughly 380 miles. I have to say roughly because the last part of the year I didn't have the running watch. But I knew the route and it was four miles, so we can safely say I ran around 380 miles. 

This year, I was actually out earlier, on the 2nd of January (last year was the 4th) but I actually kept it short (3.1miles/5kms) as I was suffering from a serious cold (I don't think it was quite flu). 

I ran today for the second time, but the first time in my new trainers! (They're a bit pink). I did do the four miles, but coughed the majority of the way. Again, I can't be certain if it's exactly four miles, but it's pretty much. I'm out for 40 minutes (if not a bit longer at the moment while fitness is not at its peak). 

So, I need to buy a running watch... and I need to beat 380 miles. Which is going to be tough actually. lol! 

I will say I'm pretty fed up with this cold although I do feel better I still have a horrid cough that catches me out. Running has kept the illnesses away. If I get a bit of a cold it lasts 24 hours. This has gone on over a week and I'll be glad to see the back of it. 
Tags: exercise, running

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