Billy (billy_shriner) wrote,

I've Got News!

Do you know what? In all the excitement I never posted my story over here.

Did I tell you I'm getting my book published? Yes, The Wedding Favour... but it's not called that anymore. But I wasn't going to argue with the girls at Harper Collins! Yes, that's what I said... okay, okay, my book is being published by Harper Impulse, a Harper Collins Imprint. But even so... this is still (as becky_black would say) EPIC!

Plus on is a lucky number
My book is called Plus One is a Lucky Number and will be published on Thursday 29th August. It's been available on Amazon since the 5th August for pre-order. I'm having a virtual party over on Facebook... (Like my page if you like). Here's the details on my blog... Like Sophie, you have a week to find a Plus One...

Here's more links if you need them:

Blog / Website / Twitter / Facebook

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Harper Impulse

My author name is Teresa F, Morgan due to another Teresa Morgan self-publishing on Amazon. 
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