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Billy - A Day In The Life Of A Writer

I'm Just On Here For The Jazz

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  • billy_shriner@livejournal.com
Okay, my real name isn't Billy but when joining the A Team Shrine, (back in 2005) it was the first username that popped into my head. Yes, it's Billy as in Murdock's invisible dog. And so in the world of the A Team and Dirk Benedict I am known as Billy.

I've been an A Team fan since I was a kid, when it originally aired! I think I was 9/10 years old and have had my crush on Face since then.

I've been writing fanfiction since 2006 and created a website to store my fanfiction, (but google moved it so it's not so good now). But otherwise it's stored on Fanfiction.net and the A Team Archive. If you visit my website, the links are provided.

I'm a bit of an Amy fan... so my stories do tend to have Amy in them.

Initially I joined live journal so that when I posted on Dishing The Dirk (that's the only real reason I'm ended up on here) I won't be anonymous. And then it kinda got addictive. All my *friends* came along too, in the A-Team realm, and it's just great.

Additional Note: I'm only doing this because I'm fed up with Bots. You are more than welcome to friend me, I assume that you may do so if you have similar interests in fanfic, writing, reading and a like, but please could you send me a message to explain why you're friending me. I then, might choose to friend you back ;-) However, if I don't receive a message but I get friended, I will automatically assume you're a bot and report you. Sorry... but I don't see any other way of checking this. No hard feelings. Billy ;-)